Managing cross-border tax arrangements in a DAC6-compliant manner

The DAC6 Directive (EU) obliges the member states of the EU to regulate the notification obligation for intermediaries and taxpayers in the case of certain cross-border tax arrangements. In Germany, the Directive was implemented with the introduction of paragraphs 138d-138k of the German Tax Code on January 1, 2020. A reporting obligation exists since July 2020. Here you can find all information as well as our services around DAC6.

The background to these regulations is to inform the tax authorities at an early stage about the implementation of tax arrangements that may be abusive.


Our Solution

DAC6 Consulting

All services related to DAC6 consulting and the introduction of DAC6 compliance management at clients are allocated under DAC6 Consulting.

DAC6 Tool

To enable you to meet the DAC6 compliance requirements applicable to your company in a legally secure yet pragmatic manner, we have developed an innovative and flexible platform solution. Read more...